"Dyno" Don Chase - Drums

Tom "T-Bone" Guerra - Guitars and Vocals

Kenn "Jonesy" Jones - Guitars and Vocals

Gary "Dirtman" Sardo - Lead Vocals

Chuck "Vlad Impala" Vath - Bass and Vocals

By the early eighties, rock and roll (as most lovers of rock and roll knew it) was pretty much dead. With the recent advent of MTV, synthesized pop and skinny ties were all the rage. With that in mind combined with the primal urge to simply get out and make some noise, The Dirty Bones Blues Band formed in Fall '82 as a six piece group (featuring Andy Williams on sax), and immediately started playing house parties around the campus of Eastern Connecticut State University, in Willimantic, CT, where the group members lived. The band played a combination of blues, rock and roll and roots music, and were labeled "grime and gristle rock and roll" by one reporter. Andy soon left the band, as they started playing in clubs around the region, and the Bones soon began to build a following of locals simply known as "Boneheads." After going through a few bassists (Paul Reside and Jim O'Neill), a young gun by the name of Vlad Impala (Chuck Vath, 15 at the time) ultimately took the job with relish. The group hit its stride around 1984, appealing to their followers raw urge to loosen up and have a good time, sometimes aided by excessive amounts of alcohol. So good, in fact, that several early Bones gigs were marred by violence, rioting, and in one instance, near destruction of an entire bar, causing the group to be "banned for life."

Over the next several years, the group performed at clubs, colleges, biker fests and halls throughout the region, swimming against the current all the while in the face of pissed off club owners, apathetic audiences, and people who just didn't "Get It." You either loved or hated them, there was no "in between." The group recorded a few EP's ("Last Remains" and "Exhumed") and ended up playing with Springsteen drummer Max Weinberg on his tour supporting his book "The Big Beat" in 1986. Weinberg called the Bones "the best band I've played with in quite some time", two months after the conclusion of Bruce Springsteen's biggest tour ("Born in the USA Tour"). In addition, the Bones were joined onstage several times by former Muddy Waters bassist Charles Calmese, who became a sort of spiritual adviser to the band.

But the road was full of bumps, so the group went on hiatus for a few years before "re-forming" to record their first full length lp"new wOrld disOrder" on the relatively new medium of compact disc. A few years after recording the cd, the group decided to call it a day in 1992.


1992 - "Stronger Than Dirt" - Dirty Bones Band Live (featuring Jimi Hendrix' "Red House")
1991 - "new wOrld disOrder" - Dirty Bones Band
1984 - "Last Remains" - Dirty Bones Band
1983 - "Exhumed" - Dirty Bones Band