Starting off with a wicked version of "Still Alive and Well", Rick and his very tight band seemed to cover all the bases, playing flat out rock n' roll, to jazzy (a white hot, cool jazz rendition of "R&RHK"), to progressive to bluesy. I dislike the use of categorization, but my point here is to give you an idea of the gig, and the multitude of styles that Rick has mastered over the years. On the last song, the immortal "Hang On Sloopy," Rick stated that although many states have tried to name a rock and roll song, only Ohio has been successful with "Sloopy." In the midst of the tune, the entire right side of the stage power cut off, including Rick's amp. Without missing a beat, Rick and band laughed it off. Then as the juice on Rick's side of the stage came back on, the left side cut out... And thanks to his recent spiritual reawakening, Rick's newest tunes carry such a positive message, which I found uplifting, especially during these troubled times. For people who don't understand his newfound faith, please don't fear it, be open to it - IT IS ALL GOOD!

I could go on all day, but the other observation I wanted to get across to those lovers of music (and fine guitar playing) out there, is - GO OUT AND SEE RICK AND HIS BAND LIVE! You won't regret it and if you're like me, you'll more than likely be blown away!

In my 20+ years of being a guitarist, I have seen most of the legends of our time (Clapton, Page, Beck, RD, SRV, EVH, BB, Buddy, etc.) and have been fortunate enough to play with a few. I can honestly say that hearing Rick's virtuoso guitar playing the other night reminded me again that his name MUST be included in any "Greatest Guitarist" discussions.

I have always believed that music is an art and not a competition, and I shy away from answering the "who is the best guitarist" question which I'm frequently asked. But after Rick's performance Tuesday night, I'm inclined to now answer that question...

-Tom Guerra (1/25/02)


1) Still Alive And Well
2) Rock and Roll Hootchie Coo (cool jazz version)
3) I'm Comin' Home
4) Listen to the Lord
5) Touched By an Angel
6) Turn On the Light
7) Real American
8) I.O.U.
9) Rhapsody in Red
10) Jump, Jump, Jum
11) Hang On Sloopy